Waking up in a hospital bed after being in a coma for two years leaves Lena confused. With only fragments of memories from the past, the appearance of Shahrul’s new wife puzzles her… and she is even more disoriented when they return home to their apartment on the fourth floor, to find that it has been renamed “Floor 3A”. Why??? It appears that the entire floor has been refurbished, and yet…. there remains an eerie silence enveloping the floor.

Lena soon notices strange and odd occurrences and she begins to suspect that something must have happened at Level 3A. Not long after, she begins to feel the presence of spirits that starts pushing her already frail state-of-mind to the edge.

Still struggling to cope with the feeling of being neglected by her husband, she finds solace in a doll given by her late father when she was a child. Between talking to her doll and the disturbance of the spirits, she slowly starts to remember her past… What happened two years ago??? What put her in that coma??? Just what will the past reveal?

Genre: Horror
Release Date: 2014
Language: Malay
Director: Jason Chong
Cast: Lisa Surihani, Fizz Fairuz, Miera Leyana