Jin Notti

By 20/08/2009October 1st, 2015English

August 19, 2009 – KRU Studios is proud to present its latest motion picture entitled “Jin Notti”, which will be in cinemas in Singapore on 20 September 2009 in conjunction with the Hari Raya celebrations.

KRU Studios has successfully produced another fantasy feature film under the direction of the up and coming director – Azhari Zain in conjunction with the supervision of renowned CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) expert, Yusry A. Halim for the feature film’s visual effects and design. Jin-Notti features a well-known cast, led by Mawi (“Aziz”), Fara Fauzana (“Notti”) and Cat Farish (“Jinbara”)

The story of Jin Notti begins with Notti – an orphaned djinn, who faces the most horrible sentence in the reversed djinn world for not being evil enough. Her fate is sealed, unless she can pass one final test – commit evil deeds in the human world and fill up her ‘evil gauge’. Jinbara, her ‘prosecutor’ goes with her as a guide and an all-around bad influence. Notti has several tries at being evil, first as a teenager and then a gangster before landing in the body of supposedly the most evil creature on earth – a lawyer.

Somewhere along the way, she meets, and falls in love with, Aziz. She also encounters a man who might be her long-lost father. The movie culminates in one last thrilling court session both here in the real world… as well as the djinn world.
“I’m honoured to be given the chance by KRU Studios to direct this movie. I had initially shared the idea of Jin-Notti with the KRU brothers over coffee, and it then took us about another five to six months to develop. I value this as a great opportunity as Jin Notti is the first movie that I have directed.” Says the Director of Jin Notti, Azhari Zain.

In addition to the cast already mentioned, Jin-Notti also stars Bob Lokman (“Jin Samsu”), Adibah Noor ( “Jin Sofea”), Acappan (“Jingam”), Hafidzuddin Fazli (“Nesti”), Corrie (“Taiko”), Sazzy Falak (“Zulu”), Sheila Mambo (Zulu’s mother), Betty Benafe (lawyer) and last but not least, David Teo (as the head of Gangsters).

According to Norman Abdul Halim, President & Global CEO of KRU Studios, “We always look forward to produce high quality movies with different creative ideas. Jin-Notti shows that KRU Studios also provides a platform for up and coming new directors to expand their creative ideas so as to give audiences a variety of visual experiences.”