Geckoman is a humorous and irreverent high-octane action adventure series.

Harry wants to use his new power to help people. Unfortunately, he quickly discovers that being a Superhero isn’t as easy as it seems! And it certainly doesn’t help that Harry isn’t exactly the most graceful person around. Then there’s this whole Super Powers issue… Hey… controlling all these new “talents” is tough when you don’t have an instruction manual!

Being the High School’s Assistant Custodian has given Harry a kind of invisibility – everyone ignores him. But this also is what allows him to see what’s really happening behind the scenes… And if there is one thing Harry is sure of, it’s that BAD THINGS are going on at Luna High!

So Harry dedicates himself to finding out who is behind all the evil happenings. With the help of Danny, a young freshman who accidentally discovers his secret identity, and Tanya – the smartest and cutest girl in school, Harry bumbles his way through mystery after mystery.