The last few decades have seen the emergence of a dark evil force with Grakus’ powers strengthening with each passing day. However some humans are born with the special ability to fight such dark forces. Arjuna, the son of a fisherman, is one such example, although he himself is unaware of his abilities… as he is not really the son of the fisherman, but in reality the heir of the royal couple Raja Adipura and Permaisuri Rupasari.

On his 18th birthday, Arjuna accidentally unleashes his magical powers while trying to break up a fight. It is at this point that Grakus realises that Adipura’s descendant is alive and immediately sends his top lieutenants, Lang Kajai & Nading to exterminate Arjuna. Meanwhile this event also enlightens, Pendita Dzulkarnain, a shaman, of Arjuna’s existence and he also sends his warriors, Satria Aduka and Suria in search of Arjuna, so as to train him to fight the dark forces and save mankind.

Will Pendita’s warriors find Arjuna before Grakus’lieutenants… thereby allowing Arjuna to maximisehis true capabilities and fight the evil forces? Enter the world of Arjuna and join KRU Studios in thisexciting series where all will be revealed.