Bali International Film Festival 2008

By 11/10/2008October 1st, 2015English

October 11, 2008 – A KRU Studios Production, “The Melakan Portuguese – Preserving Their Heritage” won the “Sarasvati Award 5th Special Jury Prize” at the 6th Bali International Film Festival 2008 held on October 11, 2008. The documentary, which was directed by Sherman F. Xavier, is part of the “Enigmatic Malaysia” series of documentaries that highlight various aspects of Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage, sponsored by JT International Berhad as part of their Corporate Philanthropy initiative.

According to Norman Abdul Halim (President & Group CEO of KRU STUDIOS), “We are thrilled that our documentary has achieved recognition across the shores and would like to thank the organisers of the Bali International Film Festival for granting us the Special Jury Award. The objective of producing such documentaries is to disseminate information not only by informing and educating viewers, but to also create a platform for better understanding amongst Malaysians. In addition these documentaries serve as a useful reference for future generations. We are fortunate that corporates such as JT International have identified this as part of their philanthropic goals.”

“The Melakan Portuguese – Preserving Their Heritage” takes its viewers  on a journey of how the Portuguese arrived in Malaysia as soldiers, and despite enduring the numerous invasions from the Dutch, British and Japanese this community has maintained their unique identity whilst assimilating with locals. It allows you to experience the rich cultural heritage of the Malaysian Melakan Portuguese community… their propensity to survive and propagate their language, tradition, religion and arts.

As one of the leading media and entertainment companies in South East Asia, KRU Studios provides a comprehensive range of services related to the media and entertainment industry, specialising in both production and distribution capabilities.  Whilst building its catalogue of valuable intellectual property in the form of motion pictures, television programmes, music, publishing and live events, KRU Studios aims to continue working with corporates like JT International to produce documentaries to conserve our cultural and heritage.

To-date the “Enigmatic Malaysia” series comprises of four documentaries namely, “The  Melakan Portuguese – Preserving Their Heritage”, “Bajau Laut – Nomads of The Sea”, “Keris – The Myth & The Magic” and “Kellie’s Castle – Myth & Mystery”, with two additional titles [“Batik” and “Wau”] currently in post production. The “Enigmatic Malaysia” series will reach homes via television networks and home video in the coming years.