Kahwin 5

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Athough already married… with not just one, but four wives, he still enjoys the thrill of the chase, as experienced by single… unmarried men. That’s Dr. K for you…a suave cassanova… and self..made millionaire who lives a life most men only dream about. But his “wonderful” lifestyle is about to come to a grinding halt when his flirtatious advances are directed towards his new…young…and extremely attractive Personal Assistant, Farrah. Unknown to him, Farrah’s brother Cico is a notorious gangster, and things take a turn for the worse when Cico blackmails Dr. K to marry his sister. Will Dr. K manage to extricate himself from this sticky situation??? Or will he have no alternative but to divorce one of his four wives and marry Farrah? An array of dilemmas…one hilarious solution. Don’t miss ‘Kahwin 5’

Release Date27th December 2012
DirectorNizam Zakaria
CastUsop Wilcha, Fizz Fairuz, Dian P Ramlee, Adrea Abdullah, Marsha Milan Londoh, Sofi Jikan,Anzalna Nasir, Norish Karman



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