Hantu Tok Mudim

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Tok Mudim is a renowned master of the traditional rituals of circumcision, whose services are much sought after by parents as their sons’ enter puberty. Nevertheless his skills are challenged when his services are put to test on an adult, the Village Headman’s son, who had inadvertently omitted to undergo the ritual at the normal age… i.e. when entering puberty. So as to maintain the secrecy of this delicate situation…Tok Mudim was tasked to perform the ritual late at night and for reasons unbeknownst to him, he botches the seemingly routine procedure. All hell breaks loose as the entire village leanrs of his failure. 

Blamed for ruining the life of the Village Headman’s son, Tok Mudim became the target of the villagers, out to avenge this wrong doing, target led to his untimely death when attempting to escape. Shortly after his tragic death, the ghost of Tok Mudim was seen terrorising the people of the village.

Release Date21st November 2013
DirectorWaan Hafiz
CastIzzue Islam, Adrea Abdullah, Harun Salim Bachik, AR Badul



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