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Geckoman is Malaysia’s first action-hero film, with a strong dose of comedy from a cast featuring a collection of the most popular actor & actresses in the industry. Shot on true-HD, and with intensive use of CGI, including 40% of the content shot on green-screen, Geckoman promises the viewers a unique and memorable film. Based in the make-believe city of Metrofulus, Geckoman evolves around the lives of 2 best friends, and how they cope with the superpowers our unlikely hero inherits by accident. 

The elaborate production of the movie featured the involvement of a whole compendium of production components, including Motion Control, Costume Design, Stunts & Rigging, Scenic Painting, Set Design and a host of other eye-opening elements, as well as 3D animation, compositing and a rousing music score

GenreSuperhero Action Comedy
Release Date7th December 2006
DirectorYusry Abdul Halim
CastSaiful Spek, Fasha Sandha, Yusry KRU, Aznil Nawawi, Yasmin Hani, AC Mizal, Adlin Aman Ramli
NotablesSpecial Jury Award (CGI) at FFM 20



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