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Anggun, an innocent lass from out of town, joins her cousin, Nori, in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, as they both commence their internship at a media house. There she catches the eye of Mukhriz who aims to win the girl through his bike antics in an a la “mat rempit” style of course. Anggun’s life takes a turn when she’s chosen as a replacement to host the gossip show “Paparazzi”. The glitz and glamour that comes with the job, invokes fierce jealousy in Nori who feels that she was better suited for the position, as after all…. she had been the one advising Anggun on style and etiquette. 

Consumed with jealousy, Nori proceeds to do all she can to ruin things for Anggun… even to the extent of threatening that she will tell her family what she’s up to. Join us to see who prevails. Anggun or Nori…and get a first hand view of the coming of age of an innocent girl when she becomes the ‘Chikaro”, girlfriend, of a retired ‘mat rempit’.

Release Date26th December 2013
DirectorNizam Zakaria
CastIzzue Islam, Izara Aishah, Adleena



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