New Straits Time: A New Side To Jac

By 04/02/2012October 1st, 2015English

Signed on with KRU Music, vocal powerhouse Jaclyn Victor is excited to be taking her music career to the next phase, writes Aref Omar

COUNTERING what some people perceive 2012 to be as — an apocalyptic Mayan ending, the year 2012 represents a new beginning for Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor.

For a start, her winning performance of Beribu Sesalan, with Ning Baizura and Shila Amzah as 3 Suara, garnered the second-runner up spot at the recent Anugerah Juara Lagu music awards and can’t be anything but a good omen.

Now that she has signed on with KRU Music, fans can expect a new album featuring a different Jac, as she’s fondly known, this April.

At the official event to announce her joining the KRU stable, the 33-year-old pocket dynamite diva was ecstatic.

“I’m really blessed to be part of the KRU Music family but when they first approached me, I was thinking, why me?” she said with a laugh.

Jac, who was under Sony Music for the past six years, revealed that she signed a renewable one-year contract with KRU Music.

“In two decades, the three brothers (Norman, Yusry and Edry Abdul Halim) have built a successful  empire of music and film. With KRU, I can communicate well. They’re good listeners and I have more creative freedom,” said Jac, adding that the move was also a way for her to support the local industry players.

Her upcoming untitled album so far, will consist of five songs sung in Bahasa Malaysia and another in English, with Edry as main composer and producer.

“I think Edry is very passionate about songs and lyrics. Some of his compositions are simple but full of meaning and beauty,” she said.

Earlier during the event, Jac performed her first single, Sebelah Jiwaku, an upbeat tune with a dance beat and some rocking guitar accompaniment.

Edry, who was also present, explained that he wrote the song specially for her, adding that it was in the vein of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, about a woman’s inner strength to carry on despite the challenges and obstacles.

“She’s an experienced artiste with her own unique style that comes with a brand but we feel she is an unexplored talent,” he said. “When I recorded some recent demos, she made the songs sound even better, so I hope our collaboration will be a perfect marriage of creativity and talent.”

The collaboration also ensures that Jac has the opportunity to sing the theme songs for KRU Studio’s film projects. In the pipeline is a song for the company’s first 3-D feature production, 29 Februari, directed by Edry and slated for an April release date.

Another will be a possible duet for the 3-D animation feature, Ribbit, directed by Chuck Powers and co-produced with India’s Crest Animation for the international market.

Jac explained that the partnership will showcase a different side of her. “Since Malaysian Idol in 2004, people know me for the song Gemilang and think I only sing ballads. But I have much more to give and I want people to remember me for other songs too,” she said.

Jac, who started in the club and pub circuit, explained that she has a wide repertoire to deliver — from jazz and country to rock, pop and R&B.

“For the upcoming album, newer fans may feel that it’s something new, while those who have followed me from way back may find it a little different.