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June 18, 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: KRU Studios announces that its first collaboration (“Co-production”) in the production of an English language motion picture, a psychological thriller entitled “Deadline”, is expected to be theatrically released in Q4 2009. In line with the company’s overall international plans, “Deadline” represents KRU Studios maiden effort to enter the mainstream North American market with the intention of achieving a global theatrical release.

“Deadline”, directed by Sean McConville, features Hollywood A-list artistes, Brittany Murphy (“Just Married”, “Sin City”, “The Groomsmen”), Thora Birch (“American Beauty”, “Ghost World”, “Dungeons & Dragons”, “Now & Then”). It also features Tammy Blanchard (“The Good Shepherd”, “Bella”) and Marc Blucas (“First Daughter”, “Clueless”).

Norman Abdul Halim, President & Global CEO of KRU Studios and Executive Producer of “Deadline” states that this motion picture does not only feature top Hollywood artistes but also boasts an elite crew of production personnel, including Ross Richardson, a renowned Director of Photography in the music and advertising industries (music videos for Elton John, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park), Steve Arnold, Production Designer/Art Director (“Spiderman”, “Van Helsing”, “Bewitched”) and Stephen Flick, Sound Editor (“Constantine”, “Blade: Trinity”, “Ultraviolet”). Their involvement will ensure that we have a top class quality motion picture.

In addition, KRU Studios has big plans for the theatrical distribution of “Deadline” in Asia, and is positive that this will be the gateway for the Company’s future international releases involving Hollywood A-list artistes. In addition, this collaboration also allows KRU Studios to demonstrate its visual effects capabilities, as Yusry Abdul Halim, Visual Effects Director for “Deadline” and his team were responsible for the entire visual effects in the film.

Deadline is a supernatural/psychological horror that explores the dark side of love. In the vein of past Hollywood successes “The Shining”, “Repulsion”, and “The Others.

Alice, a writer recovering from a psychological breakdown, retreats to a remote Victorian house to convalesce and focus on finishing her screenplay in time for a fast approaching deadline. Shortly after her arrival, mysterious noises and strange happenings cause her imagination to run rampant, sending her on a twisted and terrifying pursuit to find out what is behind the endless mind games. Frightened but intrigued, Alice gathers the courage to enter the dark, dingy attic where she finds a shoebox filled with mini-DVD tapes.

The terrifying secret that lies within the final tape will unravel Alice’s dark past… or does it? “Deadline” is expecting a theatrical release in October 2009.