About Us


KRU Studios (KRU) is one of the leading media and entertainment companies in Malaysia. Founded in 1992, KRU has since diversified, and now provides a comprehensive range of services related to the media and entertainment industry, specializing in both production and distribution capabilities.

The company is known for its superior photo-real visual effects, digital audio and video production, which is attributed to its highly trained personnel, cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment. With offices and representatives in Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and the United States, KRU is determined to deliver world class services in areas related to the production of feature films, television programs, music, events and other media content.


In retrospect, the Abdul Halim brothers Norman, Yusry and Edry jointly known as KRU could not have written a better script! They started their career as singer/songwriter/producer/director with EMI and almost instantly became a household name in the local entertainment industry.

Selling over a million albums, sold-out tours, box-office film hits and winning multiple awards, locally and internationally, KRU has successfully transformed its popular pop icon band name into a prominent brand.

Apart from having in-depth understanding and experience in B2C marketing, KRU has also served many MNCs, GLCs and government agencies for branded content and production services.

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